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샤뽀영 개발팀 소개입니다

Lisa Wiest 


요? 뼈속까지 미국인이지만 한국을 너무나 사랑하는 대학생입니다. 내년에는 한국에서 대학원을 다니고 싶어요.

Lisa Wiest is an undergraduate student, studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Maryland, but she also has a strong passion for language. She has a minor in linguistics and speaks conversational Korean, in addition to several other languages. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, she plans to pursue a doctoral degree in Korea. In her spare time, she enjoys reading (especially in Korean). 

Molly Thompson


요? 세 아이를 둔 평범한 미국인 주부예요. 샤뽀영 프리랜서 디자이너이기도 합니다. 

Molly Thompson is an illustrator and graphic designer who received her bachelors of fine art from California State University, Fullerton. Previously she has worked in the industry as an illustrator/graphic designer creating stationary and gifts. Now she is a stay-at-home-mom and works as a freelance designer. She also enjoys many creative outlets such as cooking, sewing, gardening and painting. Molly resides in Laurel, Maryland with her husband and three daughters.